Gigapan Uses In Formal And Informal Education; Applications In Botany, Phenology Of Riparian Ecosystems, Geology, Community Stories Of Place

posted Nov 9, 2010, 11:03 AM by Unknown user
Jerry Schoen, University of Massachusetts.
R.D. Stevenson, University of Massachusetts Boston.

Gigapan technologies present new opportunities for people to learn and share information about their environments. Herein we describe initial efforts and experiences in sharing information about plants, geology and landscapes in both formal and informal education settings. We have gathered images to 1) introduce plants to students in the classroom, 2) let students explore and comment about plants found in Gigapan images and 3) to track in an objective way, using mouse clicks, what features of plants interest students. Other projects are targeted towards people interested in monitoring phenology of streamside vegetation, learning about geology or recording environmental history of their local watersheds.