High Dynamic Range Gigapixel Imaging as a Method for Eternalizing Graffiti & Urban Art in Fine Art & Fashion

posted Nov 9, 2010, 9:57 AM by Unknown user
Jay Hirschfeld, Cineflock LLC.

High Dynamic Range imaging techniques, used in combination with gigapixel imaging technology, allow creation of highly-detailed, evenly-exposed panoramic photographs of a space in 360-degrees. Typically obtaining correct exposure across a 360-degree plane of view is difficult, leading to blown-out highlights and muddled shadows in certain areas of the image. High Dynamic Range imaging techniques also allow for extremely saturated rendition of colors, and a compression of midtones resembling drawing or painting. This technique, when applied to the fields of fine art and fashion, yields visually striking results and exceptional design flexibility, as well as output resolution uncommon to both areas.